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Back pain is a very common complaint that we see at Kinetic Rehabilitation + Performance. One, which almost all of us will experience at some point in our lives. The trick is to know what to do about it when it does present. If you are suffering with back pain, it can be really hard to enjoy your everyday life, it impacts everything. Not only can it affect your family time, your sports and recreation, but it also impacts your ability to concentrate and perform at work, even the simplest tasks like getting out of bed can become painful and difficult.

The fact is, if you’re struggling with back pain, it can really affect every area of your life.
That’s why we are so dedicated to helping people with back pain.

How We Can Help?
At Kinetic Rehabilitation + Performance we see a lot of people coming through the practice with back pain/injuries and we have a proven track record to providing relief!

Our expert physiotherapists are trained in dealing with back related issues whereby a comprehensive physical examination is utilized to determine the exact cause of the back pain.

We know that everyone is different and therefore we tailor a management program that best suits you! A ‘generic’ treatment formula simply won’t work if you want to stop your pain from coming back.

This is why we have created the “Better Back Program”. It involves an initial assessment with one of our highly skilled Physiotherapists. In this assessment your expert will assess the areas under most stress in your spine. You will also receive a detailed report at the beginning and conclusion of your back therapy to show your progress.

Your doctor and relevant specialists will also receive a copy also so that everyone in your medical team can help you move towards being fit and pain free again!

So, if you are suffering with back pain, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic on  8368 7444 and one of our experienced team members can help you out.

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